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Birthday Parties for Kids and Teens

Updated: Jan 2

Thanks, Barbie movie. Since the movie was released, the agency has had an influx of calls from moms looking for FASHION SHOW birthday parties. But wait, we don't stop with just a fashion show, we incorporate PHOTO SHOOTS as well.

First things first, book the studio space and time. Use the form below to request your date and times.

Pricing ranges depending on how long you want to use the studio space, fashion show only vs. fashion show and photoshoot.

Pricing is based on a three hour party with a one hour complimentary prior "load in/decorate" hour. You will have the studio for 4 hours total. Cakes and decorations are not supplied. If you would like to tour the space, please let us know. We are located close by Forsyth Parjk on Bull Street.

All participants will receive two complimentary photos: one headshot and one full body shot on our studio pro back drop.

All particpants bring their own wardrobe. Props are encouraged.

Bottles of water are provided comlimentary.

Scroll down to reserve a party date.

Views of the Halo Runway and Photography Studio


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