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TAKE 2: The Advanced Class

Take Two: Advanced Class

Ages 8-17 and Ages 18 +

Meets Tuesday's 4:45 -5:30 PM


Wednesday's 4-4:45 PM


The TAKE 2 class is for models or actors with previous industry experience or adults who have previously taken a course at Halo.  This course is heavily focused on self-taping (electronic auditions) and students will receive the practice takes via Airdrop as well as critiques of auditions filmed during each class. This class also includes a practice head shot session.

This class equips actors and models with audition techniques to improve chances of gaining attention from casting directors.  Emphasis is placed on delving deeper into the audition process, including on-camera auditions for both speaking and non-speaking roles.  Our agency books a lot of principal roles, principal non-speaking roles and a lot of commercial print.  So, this course is perfect for an actor already signed with the Halo Agency or someone who has relocated and looking for a brusher-upper!

Week 1: How to Get Clients to Like Me. What am I doing wrong? We have a fun loving open discussion about your look, the choices you make and your strengths vs weaknesses. Head shots/comp cards and resume choices; wardrobe/styling choices; Do’s and Don’ts of auditioning for paying jobs

Week 2:  Taking Direction from Casting Directors and  Conversation strategies at the audition. How to properly introduce yourself to a room full of clients.

Week 3:Creating your personality "speech" for when they ask you, "Tell us about yourself" (Trust us, it's harder thank you think so learn the strategy)

Week 4: Self Taping Bullet Points for Auditions / Slates and TV Commercials.

Do's and Don'ts! How to create a fabulous audition tape. Do's and Don'ts!

Bonus: Head Shot Session included with class! A complimentary headshot will be selected from your shoot and sent to you via email in a high resolution format. Date TBD (Hair and make up not included)



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